CHANARON Jean-Jacques

Director of research at the CNRS and scientific director of the Doctoral School at Grenoble École de management (GEM), he has published numerous books, articles and communications in the fields of industrial economics, innovation economics and technological change, and the management of innovation and technology.

He is an associate professor at Henley-Reading Business School, Tongji University (Shanghai), Sun Yat Sen University (Guangzhou) and Chongqing University in China. He is one of the recognized specialists in the global automobile industry and, in particular in the electric car, the subject of his doctoral thesis in 1973.

He created and co-edits the International Journal of Automobile Technology and Management (Inderscience). He is a consultant to international organizations, professional organizations, automobile manufacturers and suppliers. In 2004, he received in Washington the first IAMOT (International Association for the Management Of Technology) distinction for the excellence of his research in the management of innovation and technology.

Articles published in the Encyclopédie de l’Energie in French and English:

The car of the future: competing energy technologies

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