Holder of a doctorate in economics (Pierre Mendes-France University, 1986) and an authorization to supervise research (2001), she has been a CNRS researcher since 1990 within the framework of the PACTE-EDDEN laboratory. His work focuses on the reform of the Russian energy sector including that of the oil and gas industries: privatization, liberalization and price reform in a specific economic and institutional environment. It also studies Russia as a major supplier of hydrocarbons, notably to the European Union, and analyzes the consequences of internal developments in energy industries on international energy markets. The theme of the liberalization of the European gas market and its challenges for Russia is more particularly analyzed. Catherine Locatelli is also interested in Russia-Caspian relations in the field of hydrocarbons and the supply of international energy markets. Numerous publications referenced in the Encyclopedia bibliography.

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The natural gas industry in Russia: reforms under debate

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