Zhongju Liao

Histoire mondiale de l’énergie
April 2016
Titre Ouvrage:
The evolution of wind energy policies in China (1995–2014): An analysis based on policy instruments
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, vol. 56
pp. 464-472
The rapid growth of China׳s installed wind power capacity in recent years is closely related to the wind energy policies issued by the Chinese government. Using content analysis and quantitative analysis methods, this paper studies the historical evolution of Chinese wind energy policies. Based on 72 wind energy policies issued in the past two decades (1995–2014), it analyzes the issuing organization, form, number and stringency of wind energy policies and compares different policy instruments in two periods. The main organization issuing wind energy policies, however, is the department that controls key economic and administrative resources and not the one that is in charge of wind energy. Of the 72 policies issued, twenty-three took the form of notices, and eleven were measures. As to the policy instrument, environmental policies are most widely applied by the Chinese government, and “regulation control” and “goal-planning” instruments are the ones most frequently adopted. Furthermore, the application of supply- and demand-type policies is inadequate, and few effective instruments have been adopted.