Zhang Yujiang and others

Sources fossiles
September 2016
Titre Ouvrage:
Residual coal exploitation and its impact on sustainable development of the coal industry in China
Energy Policy, vol. 96
Although China owns large coal reserves, it now faces the problem of depletion of its coal resources in advance. The coal-based energy mix in China will not change in the short term, and a means of delaying the coal resources depletion is therefore urgently required. The residual coal was exploited first with a lower recovery percentage and was evaluated as commercially valuable damaged coal. This approach is in comparison to past evaluations when the residual coal was allocated as exploitation losses. It is considered that the exploitation of residual coal can effectively delay China’s coal depletion, inhibit the construction of new mines, redress the imbalance between supply and demand of coal in eastern China, improve the mining area environment and guarantee social stability.