Wegener Moritz and others

Sources renouvelables
November 2018
Titre Ouvrage:
Biomass-fired combined cooling, heating and power for small scale applications – A review
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 96
pp. 392-410

The growing demand for energy and the accelerating threats from climate change call for innovative and sustainable solutions to decrease dependency on fossil fuels. Biomass-based, small-scale Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) systems are one of these solutions, because they can satisfy the energy demands of the consumer with enhanced flexibility, lower losses, less costs and less environmental pollution as compared to centralized facilities. Due to recent advances in several scientific subfields with relevance to small-scale CCHP, a rapidly increasing amount of literature is now available. Therefore, a structural overview is essential for engineers and researchers. This paper presents a review of the current investigations in small-scale CCHP systems covering biomass-fired concepts and solar extensions. To this end, critical system components are described and analysed according to their specific advantages and drawbacks. Recent case studies have been collected and key findings are highlighted according to each type of prime mover. The results indicate a scientific bias towards the economic viability of such systems and the need for real-life and experiment system data. However, the potential of biomass-fired CCHP systems and of such systems with solar extensions has clearly been recognised. Based on the results, future policy implementations should focus on fostering such systems in areas with high energy costs and to increase energy resilience in developed regions. Additionally research and industry applying novel prime mover technologies should be financially supported.