Vekemans Odile, Laviolette Jean-Philippe, Chaouki Jamal

Nouvelles technologies
January 2016
Titre Ouvrage:
Co-combustion of coal and waste in pulverized coal boiler
Energy, vol. 94
pp. 742-754
A novel reactor reproducing PCB (pulverized coal boiler) environment was used to evaluate the potential of sorbent co-firing and waste co-combustion as cheap retrofitting techniques to reduce SO2 emissions of existing boiler. In order to describe the gas and particles evolution along the reactor height, a model combining almost 30 kinetic reactions from the literature and without any fitting parameters was developed. The model shows that the ReEF™ particles had higher residence time in the furnace than coal and sorbent particles. For the temperature and air injection pattern tested, the model accurately predicted the emissions measured at the exit of the reactor for all the feed compositions.