Thomas Steve

October 2018
Titre Ouvrage:
Russia's Nuclear Export Programme
Energy Policy, vol. 121, October
pp. 236-247

Since 2009, after a largely dormant period since the Chernobyl disaster, Russia, through Rosatom, has come to dominate the world reactor export market with a new design it claims achieves equivalent safety standards to the latest designs from other vendors. In this paper we examine the structure of the Russian nuclear industry and the technology offered and the political backing that has allowed it to achieve this dominance. We review construction and operation experience with new orders since Chernobyl. We then examine the status of the large number of orders Rosatom has won, the estimates of construction cost and how they compare with those of its competitors. We then examine whether Russia and Rosatom will have the financial and supply chain capability to fulfil more than a small proportion of its order book. Finally, we draw lessons for countries that have placed or are considering placing orders for Russian reactors.