Svobodova Kamila, Yellishetty Mohan, Vojar Jiri

Sources fossiles
March 2019
Titre Ouvrage:
Coal mining in Australia: Understanding stakeholder knowledge of mining and mine rehabilitation
Energy Policy, vol. 126, March 2019
pp. 421-30

Knowledge of mining is an important factor that can influence acceptance of activities conducted by the mining industry. However, understanding the objective knowledge of mining activities of the important stakeholder groups in mining is an issue that has been neglected. On the basis of an on-line survey focused on various target groups of stakeholders in Australia, we have examined a hypothesized model of factors that constitute knowledge of mining. The results show that knowledge of mining activities varies according to socio-demographic characteristics, experience of mining activities, and information sources about mining. Our findings highlight the key role of direct experience with mines and rehabilitation sites and the role of information in increasing knowledge of mining. In an effort to identify factors that frame acceptance of mining, the present study shows a new perspective by addressing objective knowledge of mining as an important asset that needs to be maintained and more widely spread.