Singh Amrita, Weli Tarik

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To renovate or not to renovate. A study of how housing companies are managing their housing stock.
Master’s Thesis in Design and Construction Project Management. Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Division of Division of Construction Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden,
142 p.

The following report analyses how the public housing companies of Sweden are managing the aging building stock and what effects these strategies have. The aim was also to map out a “best practice” among the housing companies analysed. To be able to provide an extensive study, a combination of interviews and case studies have been carried out on three public housing companies that are the biggest in Gothenburg: Poseidon, Bostadsbolaget and Familjebostäder. Asides from the interviews, the case studies have been strengthened by analysing the company’s annual report to see what ambitions they have when considering sustainability factors. In the results, it was found that all three companies work differently, Familjebostäder and Poseidon work with individual buildings while Bostadsbolaget has a more holistic approach when it comes to maintaining their properties. The holistic approach is considered to have less negative social impacts than working with the individual buildings that results in higher rent increases as could be seen in the case studies. Public housing companies should establish a strategic maintenance approach in a similar way to Bostadsbolaget to avoid the negative effects of renovation when maintenance is delayed. A good communication with the tenants at an early stage and allowing them to feel that they have control over what is going to happen with their homes is recommended