Sedighi Mohammedreza and Salarian Hesamoddin

Usages de l’énergie
Titre Ouvrage:
A comprehensive review of technical aspects of biomass cookstoves
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, vol 10, April
pp. 656-665

Interest in reducing household energy consumption and indoor air pollutants has increased. Simple devices such as cookstoves are important items in the reduction of the amount of domestic energy consumed in developing countries. This paper summarizes the literature available on biomass cookstoves used in villages of underdeveloped countries to determine their holistic performance, including efficiency and emissions. This is a detailed discussion on gasification, biomass fuel characteristics and heat output control of cookstoves. It reviews cookstove design, performance considerations, materials and geometric parameters along with the impact of supplementary tools on efficiency and emissions.

DOI : 10.1016/j.rser.2016.11.175