Quitzow Rainer, Roehrkasten Sybille, Jaenicke Martin

Histoire mondiale de l’énergie
Titre Ouvrage:
The German Energy Transition in International Perspective.
Posdam : IASS
40 p.

The study examines the German Energiewende within the context of the global expansion of renewable energy. It focuses on the electricity sector : given the sharp increase in global energy demand and the negative environmental impacts of the existing energy system, the pace of renewables expansion is not yet sufficient. Important opportunities for social and economic development associated with an increased deployment of renewable energy remain untapped. The study concludes with recommendations on how to further strengthen Germany’s international energy transition policy.

Available at: http://www.iass-potsdam.de/sites/default/files/files/iass_study_thegermanenergytransition_ininternationalperspective_en_0.pdf