Ozoegwu C.G., Mgbemene C.A., Ozor P.A.

Sources renouvelables
Avril 2017
Titre Ouvrage:
The status of solar energy integration and policy in Nigeria
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, Vol. 10
pp. 457-471

The need to understand and proffer sustainable solutions to the persistent energy crises and energy starvation in Nigeria even in the face of abundant endowment of both renewable and fossil energy resources motivated this study. This study justified why solar energy should be accorded the highest priority as energy source in not only Nigeria but globally. A detailed review of the past, current and future status of solar integration in Nigeria is presented; it is seen that for grid-connected solar power integration the past status is nil, the current status is nil and future status may not be completely bleak as a number of Memoranda of Understanding have been signed. The existing supportive solar energy policies are highlighted and discussed; the chasm between the commendable Nigeria policy landscape and near-to-zero status of solar integration is blamed on poor implementation of the existing provisions by the Government. Recommendations were made on the basis of the existing policies and proposed policies. Additional provisions to some of existing laws of the Federation to accommodate support for solar energy integration are suggested. It is recommended that the poor and incipient status of solar integration in the vastly populated Nigeria should be viewed in a positive light by potential foreign investors as such status is a guarantee that solar power and thermal industry is a firsthand investment opportunity.

DOI : 10.1016/j.rser.2016.11.224

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