Llamosas Cecilia, Upham Gerardo, Blanco Gerardo

Economie et politique de l’énergie
Titre Ouvrage:
Multiple streams, resistance and energy policy change in Paraguay (2004–2014)
Energy Research & Social Science, vol. 42, August
pp. 226-236

Most Latin-American countries have undergone policy reforms in their Energy Sector during the last 60 years. In Paraguay, despite several attempts at introducing policy innovations, the organisation of the sector has remained virtually unchanged. Why have attempts at introducing policy changes failed? While crucial for the countrýs development and the future of the regions’ energy sector, there has been little academic study of Paraguay’s energy policy-making processes. This paper presents an account of how the politics have influenced the current state of energy policy in Paraguay through the lens of Kingdon’s multiple streams approach (MSA). The analysis suggests that battle for political power, as well as changes in government, have played a key role in hampering change during the period under study, weakening the efforts of policy entrepreneurs. The absence of Kingdon’s conditions for policy change also offers a way of understanding sociotechnical ‘regime resistance’. In terms of policy implications where institutional change is an objective, the case implies a need to empower policy entrepreneurs, here including the Vice Minister of Mines and Energy via the creation of a dedicated Ministry for Energy.