Economie et politique de l’énergie
Titre Ouvrage:
Energy Transition in Europe
Réalités industrielles, n° 1, février 2018
46 - 49

Successive European legislative packages, as well as subsidized renewables deployment, impacted on electricity markets, which became unstable with concerns about security of supply. These packages also failed to deliver what was their first objective – benefits for end-users – as the latter are paying for renewables subsidies through higher electricity prices. Reforms are needed and the article analyses the new European legislative package issued and suggests more actions to restore a sustained market. It analyses also the main technology progress that have enabled wind and solar energy spectacular costs reductions and the drivers for future costs decreases. Combined with competitive mass storage development and digitalization technologies, those lower cost renewables should get in the future a significant share of the electricity mix contributing to decarbonized energy consumption. Nuclear energy is a good dispatchable, carbon free complement and should not be shut down, except for safety reasons.