LaBelle Michaël

Sources fossiles
Janvier 2017
Titre Ouvrage:
A state of fracking: Building Poland’s national innovation capacity for shale gas
Energy Research and Social Sciences, vol. 23
pp. 26-35.

New energy technologies include fossil fuels which contribute to a country’s ‘innovativeness.’ The ability of states to foster innovation rests on their regulatory capacity, social acceptability and underlying ecological perspective. In this article a theory of state innovation builds upon National Innovation Capacity (NIC), bringing together state regulatory capacity and the eco-sophistication of society to determine acceptable energy technologies. To frame this investigation, a case study is developed about Poland’s attempt to foster a shale gas industry. Poland is chosen as a case study due to its low ranking for innovation, weak RET deployment plans, and use of coal as a primary energy source; it is a ‘low achiever’ on a comparative basis of states with limited innovation capacity.

DOI : 10.1016/j.erss.2016.11.003

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