Knopman Debra, Lempert Robert J.

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Urban Responses to Climate Change : Framework for Decision making and Supporting Indicators
Rand Corporation
156 p.

This study proposes a decisionmaking framework and supporting indicators for urban responses to climate change based on risk governance — an extension of the established practices of risk assessment and management that include considerations of institutions and their economic and social context. The proposed indicators are divided into two categories: those relating to the current and future state of the urban region and those related to the quality of the plan and the process that produced it. The authors identified existing systems of indicators, organized them in their framework, and developed an example of what these indicators might look like in actual practice. The framework also distinguishes among three categories of actions, called tiers of transformation. These tiers reflect an increasing challenge for implementation but also an increasing benefit of transformational change.

DOI : 10.7249/RR1144

ISBN : 9780833096593 

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