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Economie et politique de l’énergie
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World Energy Balances 2018
Paris : OECD, September 2018
762 p.

World Energy Balances provides comprehensive energy balances for all the world’s largest energy producing and consuming countries. It contains detailed data on the supply and consumption of energy for 150 countries and regions, including all OECD countries, over 100 other key energy producing and consuming countries, as well as world totals and various regional aggregates. The book includes graphs and detailed data by country for all energy sources – coal, gas, oil, electricity, renewables and waste – expressed in balance format. Alongside this, there are summary time series on production, trade, final consumption by sector, as well as key energy and economic indicators and an overview of trends in global energy production and use. More detailed data in original units are published in the companion publication World Energy Statistics.