Huculak Maciej, Jarczewski Wojciech, Dej Magdalena

Sources renouvelables
Titre Ouvrage:
Economic aspects of the use of deep geothermal heat in district heating in Poland
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 49, September
pp. 29-40
All six geothermal heating plants operating in Poland are analyzed including the oldest plant established in 1994 and the newest plant established in 2013 ; the cost structure of geothermal heating plants tends to significantly; however, amortization is the principal operating cost at close to 55% in some cases ;a  comparison of the net price of 1 GJ of heat produced by selected heating plants shows that heat produced by brown coal (lignite) plants is the least expensive, while that produced by black coal (anthracite) plants is more expensive ; the prices of heat produced by geothermal heating plants are less competitive, but still more competitive than those of heat produced using natural gas, biomass, and fuel oil.