Hagi Hayato, Neveux Thibaut, Le Moullec Yann

Nouvelles technologies
November 2015
Titre Ouvrage:
Efficiency evaluation procedure of coal-fired power plants with CO2 capture, cogeneration and hybridization
Energy, vol. 91
pp. 306-323.
In an energy landscape undergoing great change with regard to CO2 emissions, the evaluation of solutions allowing a drastic reduction of the anthropogenic emissions are carried out for more than a decade. Among them, CO2 capture and storage on coal power plants has been identified as a particularly promising solution but other options such as heat and electricity cogeneration and power plant hybridization with solar of biomass can also reduce the carbon footprint of electricity production. To identify the true potential of those systems, the evaluation of the performance of the integrated system is necessary. Also, to compare different solutions, a common framework has to be adopted since the performance of those systems are often highly dependent of the considered hypotheses.