Hafner Manfred, Tagliapietra Simone

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The European Gas Markets: Challenges and Opportunities

The Role of Natural Gas in the EU Decarbonization Path.. The Potential Role of Gas in Decarbonizing Europe: A Quantitative Assessment. What Outlook for European Gas Demand? An Overview of Possible Scenarios. Impact of German “Energiewende” on Gas: Responding to Marginalisation in a Politicised Environment. The Role of Gas in the European Electricity System of the Future. The Prospects for Gas in the European Transportation Sector. Global LNG Market Outlook and Repercussions for Europe.  Global LNG Pricing Dynamics and Impact on Europe . The New Russian Gas Export Strategy After the Ukraine Crisis. Earthquakes Shatter Dutch Gas Roundabout: Gas Dream to End Soon. Norway: A Reliable Long-Term Natural Gas Supplier for Europe? The North African Gas Export Outlook Between Commercial and Political Challenges. Toward A New Mediterranean Gas Hub? The Southern Gas Corridor.  

ISBN: 978-3-319-55800-4

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