CHIARONI Davide, Marco Guiducci

Usages de l’énergie
Titre Ouvrage:
Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Comparison of the targets set by the European countries and analysis of their diffusion
Politecnico di Milano, Master of Science in Management Engineering

The aim of this report is to analyze the NZEB concept in the European countries and to figure out the number of real “Near to Zero Energy Buildings” in each country, as well as the methodology used in order that those buildings reach the specific level of required energy consumed. The final goal is to understand the diffusion of NZEB building in European countries according to the level of strictness that each country set the requirements, through a graph that presents those two elements. The level of strictness was not based only on one parameter but it was based on a combination of requirements that European Commission had reported as obligatory to be considered in the national plan of each country. The creation of the specific graph was done in qualitative terms as the exact number of NZEB buildings are not given accurately by a responsible authority. Moreover differences between the 28 European countries exist either in terms of the climate, either in terms of economic situation either in terms of the types of buildings. For this reason some assumptions were taken into account. Because of those differences it was worthy to make a comparison analysis in order to understand which technologies favor which countries and why.