Paola Bombarda fulfilled the PhD in Energetics in 1994, and is Assistant Professor of “Energy and Environmental Systems” at Politecnico di Milano since 1995.

She has a deep knowledge in thermodynamic analysis of complex energy systems for power generation, cogeneration, trigeneration and plant performance optimization, with specific interest in renewables. Particular expertise is acquired for design and optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle plants in different applications (heat recovery, renewables). She has gained wide experience in geothermal energy field, with modeling, simulation, thermodynamic analysis and optimization of geothermal power plants (dry steam and flash, binary, hybrid plants) for which she also tackled techno-economic analysis.

Participant to several national and European research projects  on geothermal energy and energy systems, she contributed with papers and presentations to the main international geothermal Conferences and she is co-author of several papers published in international journals.

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